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Doggie Date Application

  1. Are you at least 18 years old?*
  2. Do you want to be considered for adoption of your date?*
  3. Have you ever owned a dog?*
  4. If you currently own a dog, please complete the boxes below.
  5. Are you comfortable handling:*

    Check all that apply.

  6. In general, I prefer dogs that are:*
  7. Note: There is no wrong answer, this is just to help us ensure we pair you with the right dog. Unfortunately, you cannot take your date to a dog park.

  8. Do you own or rent your home?*

    *We will verify

  9. If you rent, does this apartment complex or rental community have any pet or breed restrictions?
  10. Do you have a fenced-in yard?*
  11. Do you have other pets?*
  12. Are your pets current on their vaccines?
  13. Are you prepared to keep your pets separate from your date?*
  14. By submitting this form, I certify that the information provided is true.
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