What do I get for $75 a month?

Up to 1 Gbps down/up internet service and a digital gateway with carrier-grade Wi-Fi, and a UPS battery backup for the system – when the power goes down, you'll still have service. You'll not only have speed and reliability, but you also get the one thing the national providers can't give you - hometown service. If there's an issue, it's handled here in Mont Belvieu by people you know and trust.

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1. What exactly is MB Link?
2. Is MB Link more reliable than my current service?
3. What do I get for $75 a month?
4. Are there data caps and throttling like other services?
5. Do you offer bundled services like the national providers?
6. What happens after I sign up?
7. Do I get my own gig?
8. Can I buy my own equipment?