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Being A Film Friendly Texas Community

The Texas Film Commission’s Film Friendly Texas (FFTX) program connects media industry professionals with skilled community liaisons across the state to provide local expertise and production support. Participation in the FFTX program provides Texas communities, like Mont Belvieu, with a network for fostering media production in their cities and sends a clear message to media industry professionals that Film Friendly certified communities are serious about attracting their business. Logo featuring an old water tower for the Film Friendly Texas program

With an emphasis on working with Texas’ rural and suburban communities, the Film Friendly Texas program provides an elevated platform for statewide certified communities to market their unique attributes and resources directly to media industry professionals working in Texas. 

Why Is Mont Belvieu "Film Friendly"? 

Bringing a film or television production to the city is one of the most pure forms of economic development. Productions come into a city, they spend a significant amount of their production budget locally and then, when the production is over, they leave. So, not only does the City find itself featured on the big or small screen, the local businesses get a boost from the production's spend and the city gets a portion of the collected sales taxes. For example, a recent feature film production had a $2.3 Million local spend over 36 days while they were shooting in Ft. Worth and Weatherford. Wow! And, it's not just about the money they spend; productions create jobs when they come into an area by hiring area tradespeople, locals for extras, law enforcement officers for security, paramedics for on set medical... the list goes on. Click here to see an infographic that will help you better understand the amazing benefits media production brings to Texas cities just like Mont Belvieu.

Bringing Your Production To Mont Belvieu

Mont Belvieu is proud to be a film friendly community and we are ready to help you bring your production to our city. From towering industrial plants, to intimate boutiques, to our picturesque city parks and natural areas, Mont Belvieu is a great place to shoot your next project. And, our unique locations are supported by local businesses and restaurants that are ready to support your crew and meet your needs during your time in MBTX. A link to the PDF of the City's filming guidelines, fee schedule, and permit application can be found below. Once your permit is filled out and you are ready to bring your production to Mont Belvieu, just scan and email it back to

City of Mont Belvieu Film/Video Production Guidelines and Permit Application (Fillable PDF)

Lights, Camera... Help!

Before your bring your production to Mont Belvieu, you might have additional questions about our community. Or, maybe, you need some help contacting a particular business or property owner. Perhaps you are curious if there are resources in our area to help meet a production need. We're here to help you. From making introductions to assisting with additional location scouting, the City of Mont Belvieu's Communications and Marketing Department staff is here to assist. Just send us an email at and we'll get back with you and help however we can.