Capital Improvement Projects

City Improvements

On an annual basis, the City of Mont Belvieu prepares a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and presents it to the City Council to review as part of the budgeting process. This process serves as an important exhibit, providing extensive communication for all capital needs where funding authorization exists, while categorizing the projects depending on services provided and the funding source. The City considers input from citizens, the Planning and Zoning Commission, City staff members, and existing master plans in the CIP presentation. Once the budget is approved by the City Council, the assigned project managers manage their respective projects with budgetary oversight from the City Manager.

Although the CIP is an important component in the budgeting process, this document is also provided to the public with the express intent to inform citizens as well as private interests. Each project detail page has corresponding maps (where applicable) and includes core information.

Download the 2018-2028 CIP (PDF)

View the interactive CIP Map