SmartLink Protect Plan

The City of Mont Belvieu and MB Link Broadband are proud to serve you!

This Plan covers residential and small business service calls that relate to Inside Wiring only. Inside Wiring is wiring that is owned by you and begins at the Demarcation Point, (the juncture at which MB Link’s responsibilities end and your responsibilities begin) and extends to your SmartLink Router and other Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) connected to a service MB Link provides. Unless specified otherwise, the term “Inside Wire” or “Inside Wiring”, when used in this Plan, shall include MB Link installed fiberoptic wiring, fiber patch panel, and fiber patch cable. In addition, Inside Wiring also includes MB Link installed Ethernet wiring, Ethernet wall jacks, and Ethernet patch cables. The term Demarcation Point, when used in this Plan, is defined as the wall-mounted Fiber Transition Terminal (FTT) on the outside of the Customer’s premises.

What's Included

  • Repair and replacement of wiring from the Demarcation Point to fiber patch panel.
  • Repair and replacement of wiring from Demarcation Point to SmartLink Router.
  • Repair and replacement of wiring from SmartLink Router to CPE.
  • Replacement of installed fiber patch panel per industry standards.
  • Replacement of installed SmartLink Ethernet wall jack per industry standards.
  • Wiring installed at the time of installation of an MB Link Service.
  • Wiring damages caused by animals or rodents.
  • Troubleshoot and isolate problems with MB Link Service or equipment.
  • Provide analysis on customer-owned equipment that may be impeding MB Link Service.
  • Identification and verification that MB Link Services and equipment are working properly.
  • Identification of gross negligence or willful damage such as tampering with FTT.
  • Customer education service calls on MB Link Service and equipment.

What's Not Included

  • Fees associated with installation, removal, relocation, or changes to MB Link Services.
  • Installation or relocation of the FTT or fiber patch panel.
  • Installation or relocation of the SmartLink Router.
  • Installation or relocation of SmartLink Ethernet wall jacks.
  • Centralized wiring panels, Smart Home panels, or any complex premise wiring.
  • Wall fishing or wall penetrations not made at the time of installation.
  • Wiring that supports a competitor's service offering, or issues caused by competitor’s equipment.
  • Repair or replacement of customer-owned equipment and wiring that connects such equipment.
  • Maintenance or repair of Ethernet cabling not installed by MB Link.
  • Computer or network configuration assistance.
  • Wiring repair or replacement due to remodeling of the premises.
  • Installation of Smart TVs, streaming devices, wireless cameras or any related equipment.
  • Wiring damage caused by vandalism, fire, flood, Acts of God, gross negligence or willful damage.


If the repair covered by the MB Link SmartLink Protect Plan requires conduit, cutting, or patching of finished walls, floors, ceilings, or structure modifications, the Customer is responsible for arranging to have such work performed by other persons, at the Customer’s expense.

After each repair or visit, it is the Customer’s responsibility to re-establish connectivity with or verify the proper functioning of any Internet-based transmitting, dialing or answering equipment connected to the Services such as automatic dialers, fire and burglar alarms, meters, sensors, medical equipment, cameras, or IP phones. In addition, it is also the Customer’s responsibility to verify the proper functioning of any wired or wireless devices such as SmartTVs, computers, streaming services, gaming consoles, or etc.


The Plan is available for a monthly recurring charge of $5.00 and is effective the day you subscribe to it. MB Link may immediately, and without notice, suspend or discontinue the Plan if MB Link Service is no longer provided by MB Link, if any misuse or abuse of MB Link Service occurs or if a hazard or danger to person or property exists which would prevent our technicians from performing the work in a safe manner. Subject to any applicable rules or laws, MB Link may discontinue the Plan or change any of these Terms and Conditions. MB Link will provide thirty (30) days prior written notice of any material changes in the Terms and Conditions of this Plan. This notice may be included in your monthly bill. Additional fees may apply for any work performed that is not covered by this Plan.


You may cancel the Service at any time by calling our MB Link Customer Operations Center at 1-844-4MB-LINK. If you cancel the Plan within sixty (60) days of when you subscribe to the Plan, MB Link may apply a full-service charge for service calls made during such a 60-day period. If you cancel the Plan, you are ineligible to re-subscribe to the Plan for a period of six (6) months from the date of cancellation. Charges are prorated to the date Service is canceled, except for the first billing month; this is a minimum of one-month billing. There is no charge for canceling the Service. We may deny the MB Link SmartLink Protect Plan services during a period when the Customer’s account is in suspension/disconnection for late or nonpayment or in an instance where there has been abuse of Service. Abuse of service is deemed when a Customer repeatedly causes or permits damage to occur to the Inside Wiring. If the MB Link SmartLink Protect Plan is reordered after cancellation, there is a thirty (30) day waiting period before the Service becomes effective.

Download and Print the MB Link SmartLink Protection Plan.