New Utility Service

Welcome to Mont Belvieu. We are honored you chose to make Mont Belvieu home.

To set up new residential or commercial utility services, including water, sewer, solid waste, and MB Link, please provide the Utility Billing office with the following items:

  • Completed  Residential Application or  Commercial Application
    *Bank Draft Authorization Form is optional, not required
  • Proof of home/business ownership, which may include a Settlement Statement, Warranty Deed, or Tax Statement. For Lessees, a Lease Agreement is required. 
  • Copy of the Property Survey
  • Copy of the home/business owner, or lessee’s driver’s license
  • Voided Check (if choosing to pay by bank draft)
  • Deposit Payment ( click here to pay online)
    • Water Deposit (Home Owner) - $100.00
    • Water Deposit (Lessee) - $150.00
    • MB Link Residential (Optional Service) - $75.00 Deposit + $75.00 Installation Fee, totaling $150.00 
    • Commercial deposits for water, sewer, and solid waste are calculated based on an estimated sum of two months of utility costs, please contact the Utility Billing office for the required deposit amount.
    • Commercial deposits for MB Link are based on service package, please contact MB Link Customer Service for the deposit amount. 

To set up Commercial MB Link services, please visit the  MB Link for Business page and contact MB Link Customer Support so they can best assist you.

Request for Disclosure of Information

Under the Texas Government Code Chapter 552, customer account records are generally excepted from disclosure. However, the Texas Utilities Code Chapter 182 allows the utility office to release information at the request of the account holder. If you wish to have your utility account information disclosed to another party, please complete the Request for Disclosure Form and return it to the Utility Billing office.