Personal Training

This is the Key to Your Future Health

Our nationally certified personal trainers offer you a friendly and motivating environment in which to pursue your individual health goals. Our trainers exude positive, upbeat attitudes and are devoted to giving you all the help and support you need to accomplish important health objectives. Developing personalized workout programs and setting realistic goals begins your journey towards a better you, but more importantly, we provide the encouragement to help you safely stay on track and reach your goals.

Here's how Eagle Pointe personal trainers can help you:IMG_8253

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Lose weight
  • Increase flexibility
  • Correct form & technique
  • Develop personalized workout programs
  • Recommend dietary supplements

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Select the best package to suit your needs.

Our personal trainers provide not only one-on-one personal training sessions but also small group training for those who prefer to share the cost of a trainer with others. Other services include consultation and fitness evaluations, nutrition help, youth personal training, and health risk appraisals. Get started on the right path by signing up for our specially priced personal training packages.

We also make use of some of the latest fitness technology available, like Styku 3D Body Mapping, which will show you your exact measurements. See the front desk or ask your trainer about scheduling a Styku session!

Personal Training Options

  • Free Consultation and Fitness Evaluation
  • One-on-One Personal Training Sessions: $50 per Hour
  • Semi-private Training Sessions (small groups of 2 or more): $30 per Hour
  • Review Training Session (Current clients who need a program review, change or update)

Other Professional Services

  • Exercise Plans
  • Health Risk Appraisal
  • Youth Personal Training
  • Sports Specific Training (Golf, Basketball, etc.)
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Meet The Trainers

Tisma Bradford, a Baytown, TX, native embarked on a transformative journey in 2012 when diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. A dedicated wife and mother, Tisma chose to prioritize her health, leading her to sporadic fitness classes at the local gym. Inspired by her fitness instructors, she decided to pursue a Zumba certification in 2014, marking the beginning of her mission to empower others on their health and wellness journey.

Since then, Tisma has accumulated an impressive array of certifications, including AFAA Group Instructor, Les Mills Body Pump, Schwinn Cycle, Silver Sneakers Classic, Yoga, Circuit, Splash, and RYT 200 YogaFit Certification in 2020. In 2023, she achieved her NASM Certified Personal Training. With a diverse teaching background in cardio dance, Pilates, kickboxing, step, and boot camps, Tisma finds joy in helping individuals unlock their true potential within a safe and supportive environment.

Drawing from her years of experience, Tisma advocates for a holistic approach to health and wellness. Her philosophy encourages clients to incorporate a balanced mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility training for total body well-being.

Selfie of Trainer Tisma

Shane Donnelly's fitness odyssey commenced at the age of 15 when he, a lanky high schooler, entered a weight room with a thirst for knowledge and confidence in navigating the gym. This initial spark ignited a lifelong dedication to unraveling the intricacies of physiology and fitness. Stepping into a local gym a few years later marked the beginning of his journey as a personal trainer.

His clientele has spanned a wide spectrum, from teenage athletes to retirees seeking an enhanced quality of life. Shane's unwavering focus on strength, mobility, and technique propelled him to the esteemed position of Elite Trainer and Personal Training Manager.

In the realm of fitness, Shane's objective is clear and compelling: imparting sustainable and practical health wisdom to individuals of all ages. Whether the goal is enhanced performance, aesthetic improvements, or longevity, Shane aspires to guide his clients towards achieving their aspirations.

Personal Trainer Shane

Two decades ago, Shannon Guidry transitioned from a career in physical therapy to embark on a journey in personal training, driven by a desire to devote more time to her children. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science from Rice University, where she excelled in Division 1 basketball, Shannon brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients.

Shannon's commitment to professional growth is evident through her advanced certifications from ACE and NASM as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, Medical Exercise Specialist, and Personal Trainer. Her expertise extends to guiding both healthy individuals towards their fitness goals and assisting those with physical or health issues in post-rehabilitation and activities of daily living. Additionally, Shannon is passionate about elevating the performance of aspiring high school and college athletes.

Beyond the training arena, Shannon finds joy in quality family time and exploring new destinations through her love for travel.

Personal Trainer Shannon

With a coaching tenure spanning approximately 7-8 years, Anthony Yrlas has honed his expertise working with athletes in diverse sports and across various age groups. His focus lies in specialized areas such as strength training, jump training, as well as speed and agility development. Anthony's impact extends beyond the athletic realm, as he dedicates himself to enhancing the quality of life for everyday adults.

Embodying a training philosophy characterized by simplicity and consistency, Anthony emphasizes the importance of putting forth a quality effort both inside and outside the gym. His unwavering commitment to hard work is geared towards helping individuals achieve the results they aspire to attain.

Personal Trainer TJ
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When You Become a Member:

Once you join the Eagle Pointe Recreation Complex, we will provide a complimentary (free) Styku 3D Body Scan to help you start down the right path.

Note: A membership at Eagle Pointe Recreation Complex is NOT required to purchase Personal Training, but you will be required to pay to our daily drop-in fee of $18 per visit, or $12 per visit if you are accompanied by a current member.

How to Schedule an Appointment:

Start today by sending an email, talk to staff in person at Member Services, or by calling (281) 385-6668.


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