Mission Statement

Embodying the spirit of excellence and customer service, the Accounting team is committed to providing timely, accurate, and comprehensive information and support to City departments, residents, and the community. It is Accounting’s mission to provide sound management practices and financial reporting that conveys our healthy fund balances and the long-term sustainability of the City. We will always strive to transcend expectations when meeting the needs of the City’s citizens by ensuring the best-recognized practices and principles of governmental accounting standards.


  • Quality
    • A high standard of excellence drives Accounting to provide exemplary levels of customer service, support, and deliverables. We strive to continuously improve in all functions and exceed expectations.
  • Integrity
    • Accounting commits to conforming to the highest level of ethical standards. The support and decisions we embody, provide, and implement will always be honest, fair, and impartial.
  • Leadership
    • Accounting leads by example while encouraging growth and opportunities within the organization. We provide direction, guidance, and professional development through relevant procedures, in-service training, and encouragement of feedback from all departments. We pride ourselves on being a contributing resource for critical decisions made on behalf of the City and its citizens.
  • Teamwork
    • Accounting strives to make decisions in the best interest of the City and community. To do so, we work closely with all internal departments, and as a collective team, we utilize the strengths of all our associates. In this way, we work to symbolize "Excellence By Any Measure” with the rest of our community and provide outstanding customer support for staff members and residents.

Accounts Payable and Vendor Resources

Accounts Payable is responsible for timely vendor payments. Most payments are made within a 30 day period for regular invoice processing. For invoices that require the approval of the City Council, such as legal, construction, and engineering invoices, are paid on the Thursday following regular City Council meetings. Meetings of the City Council take place on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.

  • All invoices should be sent directly to Accounts Payable
  • All vendor forms should be sent directly to