Finance Dept Group Photo_CROP


The Finance Department provides accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting for all of the City's operations. The department is a budgetary component of the Administration Department.

The department provides the following services:

  • Generates the City's bi-weekly payroll and the state and federal reporting associated with payroll
  • Is responsible for the investment of City funds in accordance with the Investment policy adopted by the City Council
  • Maintains accounts payable for the City funds
  • Monitors the expenditures of funds against the balance of available funds for each fund and department of the City
  • Prepares proposed budgets (PDF) that are submitted to the City Council
  • Receives and deposits governmental revenues received by the City
  • Records the budget as adopted by the City Council
  • Responsible for debt administration such as:
    • Arbitrage compliance
    • Continuing disclosure
    • Making debt service payments
  • Serves as the City's principal means for financial reporting; such services would include:
    • Budgetary reporting
    • Financial analysis
    • Reports of capital construction projects
    • Quarterly investment reports