Animal Shelter & Animal Services

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Mont Belvieu Animal Services is a city department tasked with enforcing the city's animal ordinances and working to eliminate animal-related problems within the city.  Unclaimed or otherwise homeless animals are available for adoption at Mont Belvieu Animal Shelter, located at 3831 Perry Ave.

During weekday business hours, shelter staff may be unavailable due to calls for service, vet appointments, meetings, etc.  If you visit the animal shelter during posted business hours and the door is locked, please call 281-576-2417 to notify the non-emergency police dispatch office, who will then notify shelter staff you have arrived.  The shelter is open on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. for visitation and adoptions, but staff do not respond to service calls on Saturdays.


Click here to read Chapter 8 - Animals of the City of Mont Belvieu's code of ordinances.

Reporting Incidents

In the event that you observe an animal at large, animal cruelty, or any other animal-related issue, please contact the city's non-emergency Police Dispatch (281-576-2417) to make a report and an Animal Services Officer will be dispatched to handle the issue.

Strays & Owner Surrenders

Can I Surrender My Pet?

We accept owner surrenders from citizens of Mont Belvieu if kennel space is currently available. If space is available and the animal is accepted into the shelter, the owner will be required to present a current government photo ID and pay a $25.00 surrender fee per animal. If your current ID does not show a City of Mont Belvieu address, you will be required to show proof of residency in the form of a utility bill with your name and current Mont Belvieu address.

Can I Turn In A Stray?

Strays are accepted at our facility that were found inside the city limits of Mont Belvieu. However, it is best for your safety that in the event you locate a stray in the city, an Animal Services Officer is notified of the animal's location and dispatched to pick up the animal. If you find a stray, please contact the Mont Belvieu Police Department Dispatch at (281) 576-2417 and notify them of the animal's location and physical description. If you are comfortable, you may stay with the animal at the location until an officer arrives. Stray animal pickup is only available during our regular business hours.

Animal Traps

Mont Belvieu Animal Services issues traps to residents experiencing issues with nuisance animals. Those who would like to rent a trap must make a request in person at the animal shelter (3831 Perry Ave), fill out a Humane Trapping Agreement form, and pay a $25 cash deposit (exact change). For your convenience, the Humane Trapping Agreement may be downloaded HERE and filled out prior to your visit to the shelter. Once the form and deposit have been submitted, you will be provided with a live animal trap and instructed on how to use it.

Traps are only issued to residents Monday-Wednesday, and are required to be returned to the shelter by Friday on the week of issuance.  Once the trap has been returned to the animal shelter, a refund for the $25 deposit will be issued. 

If an animal is caught in the trap while in your possession, please call us at 281-576-2417 during regular business hours and an Animal Services Officer will retrieve the animal.  Animals trapped after regular business hours will be picked up the next business day.  

Personal Traps

Residents may use their own traps to trap nuisance animals on their property, and may contact us during regular business hours for animal pickup.  However, residents MAY NOT trap animals from 2 pm Friday through 7 am Monday, as animals are not able to be retrieved during that time.