Building Inspections

Request An Inspection

Use My Government Online to request for all inspection.  If for any reason you cannot log into your account please call the Customer Service line 1-866-957-3764 press 5 for a new inspection.

All Inspection in before 8:00am Monday - Friday will have same day inspection.

We can perform rush inspection, however these are made only at the discretion of the Building Official.  Multiple inspections can be performed at each visit.

Note:  We understand the strict scheduling requirements of cement contractors due to weather and supply factors and will make exceptions to scheduling rules whenever possible, however, foundations should never be poured without an inspection by a Mont Belvieu inspector (no exceptions).

  1. Jose Rodriguez

    Building Inspector & Code Enforcement
    Phone: (281) 576-2213 x2160


All Contractors who are required by State Law to be Licensed must register with City of Mont Belvieu before performing any work within the City.  Fill out and upload this form and all required attachment on your permit using My Government Online alternately, you may email completed form and attachments to