Code Enforcement

Upholding Our City's Standards For A Better Community

Part of what makes Mont Belvieu a great place to live is the thought and effort that's gone into our municipal code. In order to keep our hometown a wonderful place to live, we have to make sure that the codes and standards are kept across the city and with every project. Mont Belvieu's code enforcement officers have a tough job keeping everyone on track, but the results are a city that we can all be very proud of.

Mont Belvieu Municipal Code

To examine the full statutes of Mont Belvieu's municipal code, visit the Municode website.



If there is a violation, the property owner is contacted informing them of violation and date for compliance. Another inspection is done on the due date for compliance and if violation is corrected, the case is closed. If the violation is not corrected, then a citation may be issued or if the nuisance is a serious threat to the public safety or health, then it may be abated.

If you would like to report any concerns or possible violation, please email the Code Enforcement Officer Slade Thornton.

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