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MB Link
Your Hometown Gigabit Internet Utility
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When you turn on the tap, the water just works. That's what Mont Belvieu residents want from their internet service too; a broadband fiber network that meets today's digital demands. That's no small task, but the City of Mont Belvieu has listened to our residents and committed the resources to make MB Link a reality.

MB Link provides everyone in the city with the opportunity to access blazing fast gigabit internet service at a price that's cheaper than most national providers. And, there are no data caps; you do what you want when you want in your digital world. 

So, whether you're streaming a movie with your family, browsing the web, connecting your home, running your business, or just checking email, you'll have the confidence that comes with your other city utilities; it just works.

MB Link - Mont Belvieu's hometown fiber network. It's broadband at the speed of life.

Internet At The Speed Of Life

When you're online, speed is everything. And with MB Link, you'll be able to do a lot more in a fraction of the time; You'll be able to stream—without buffering—at least 5 high-definition videos (1080p) simultaneously... and still have enough bandwidth to email and surf the web; You can transfer data over the internet faster than you can write data to a thumb drive; Your data will download as fast as most computers can save it to the hard drive. You'll stop waiting and get back to living with MB Link.
Here are just a few ways a gig connection (1000 Mbps) will improve your digital life:

1 song (4 min., 4MB) =  almost instant
Web video (5 min., 30MB) = almost instant
9-hour audiobook (110MB) = 1 second
45-minute HDTV show (600MB) = 5 seconds
2-hour HD movie (4.5GB) = 38 seconds
Archiving 10GB of various files = 1 minute 25 seconds

(all speeds calculated with

Internet At The Speed Of Home
Internet At The Speed Of Life
Whether it's a video chat with family far away, downloading movies and music, or playing the next great game, you'll never have to worry. MB Link provides the speed and bandwidth a modern family needs to keep everyone connected at a price that's better than the national providers. You'll have the speed you need for just $75 a month*. And, that $75 is all in - your monthly service and your gigabit gateway router. Plus, you'll have the convenience of having it all in your monthly City of Mont Belvieu utility bill. It's just that easy! 

Please Note: You MUST live within the city limits of Mont Belvieu to be eligible for MB Link service.

Getting Started
Becoming an MB Link customer is simple. And, if you sign up now during our pre-launch event, all you'll have to do is pay your $75 deposit** and your basic installation*** is FREE! 
Now, just CLICK HERE to get started; give us a little information, pay your $75 deposit, and you're on your way. Service rollout will begin in June and will continue through September as the network brings neighborhoods throughout the city online.

*Plus applicable mandated taxes and fees.
**$75 deposit to be applied to final bill upon termination of MB Link service.
***$75 Basic Installation - The majority of our customers will be covered by our basic installation which includes the following: External - direct bury fiber from handhold to residence up to 100 feet, standard borings, installation of tracer, installation of PVC or conduit, installation of fiber transition terminal, restoration of grounds. Internal - wall penetration and seal, 100 ft. fiber pull to central location, ONT/router installation, UPS battery backup installation, installer configuration of equipment, perform a hardwired speed test. A site survey, both internal and external, is included with basic installation. Please note: A "No Show" (customer not home at the time of appointment) or a "No Access" (locked gate or other impediments to necessary access) will result in a $38 fee. This will be directly billed to the customer by the City's contracted installer, OnTrac.    

Internet At The Speed Of Business
Internet At The Speed Of Business
Meeting the digital demands of today's business world can be daunting. But, MB Link has no data caps or throttling like you see with the national providers, so your data will flow fast! That means your business can keep moving and your customers will stay happy.
MB Link makes financial sense as well. Our data rates and pricing ensure you get exactly what you need and can grow your service along with your business.

Small Business Rates
100 Mbps down/50 Mbps up = $100/mo.
300 Mbps down/50 Mbps up = $150/mo.
500 Mbps down/100 Mbps up = $250/mo.
1 Gb down / 100 Mbps up = $450/mo.          

Frequently Asked Questions
So, what exactly is MB Link? MB Link is a full fiber-optic broadband network; from data centers to your home. So, you won’t have your speed impacted by old copper wire technology. Everything on the network moves at the literal speed of light.
Will MB Link be more reliable than my current service? The MB Link network has been engineered to be one of the most reliable in the area. With our fiber backbone ring design and redundant connections to the internet, most potential issues are avoided; your data is just routed the other way. With this system, you’ll have reliability that far surpasses other local providers.
Do I get my own Gig? No. However, the speed with which MB Link operates gives you the highest speed possible at the time access to the network is requested. That is literally milliseconds. The network is constantly evaluating and prioritizing access request to be sure it’s optimizing speeds. It would take a HUGE event with everyone on your network segment (a 32 customer bundle called a “PON”) requesting a lot of bandwidth all at once to even notice a reduction in service speed.
What happens after I sign up? After signing up and paying your $75 deposit and $75 installation fee (installation fee is waived during our pre-sale event!), a pre-installation site survey – covering both the exterior and interior of the home - will be done. Then, your exterior install will be done; you don’t have to be home for this, just make sure the technician can access the necessary areas. Finally, we will schedule your interior installation – you do have to be present for this part – so you can get set up and have internet at the speed of life!
Are there data caps and network throttling like with other services? With MB Link, there are no data caps and no throttling. That means you won’t get charged more if you use more. And, when demand is high, we don’t slow the network down… we know MB Link can handle it.
What do I get for $75/mo.?  Up to 1 Gbps down/up internet service and a digital gateway with carrier-grade Wi-Fi, and a UPS battery backup for the system – when the power goes down, you’ll still have service.
Can I save some money and buy my own equipment? No. To ensure network speeds and keep customer service high, we are not allowing anything other than the MB Link issued gateway to be used in conjunction with the service. But, the good news is, it’s already included in your monthly bill, so there are no additional rental fees for equipment.